Playing hide-n-seek with soundbytes

Playing hide-n-seek with soundbytes

Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is gradually seeking to distance himself from IPL chief Lalit Modi. He skirts queries, wanting to move into his ambassador car.  A short while later, a smiling Supriya Sule, Pawar’s daughter, denies any member of the extended “Pawar family” having any proxy stake in the IPL.

There are also a number of MPs and leaders with no inside and outside links to the Modi-Tharoor controversy also trooping in and out of the Parliament to make their impromptu comments on the money-spinning cricket, it’s glamorous trappings and juicy gossips.

Cricket is money
Union Minister for renewable energy Farooq Abdullah, also heading the J & K Cricket Association, is quite willing to defend Modi. “In our country whosoever goes up is pulled down,” he says. But cricket is not cricket now – it is money business, right?, he is asked. “So much has changed in the country”, he answers but is cut off half-way by another question, “should change not be for the better ?” The Minister again promptly answers, “ Yes, something is for good and something is  for worse…” Abdullah rushes to his air-conditioned car as the Sun is turning almost ruthless with temperature hovering around 42 degrees.

Patel’s daughter in IPL
Another Union Minister and NCP leader Praful Patel walks in and is sought out for his response against his alleged stake in the IPL. “ It is slanderous... my daughter is only one of the several employees in the IPL”, he says and wonders as who is behind “the campaign”. “No, it is not from the Congress”, he confirms and waves off a query on the IPL fallout on the Congress-NCP ties.

A friend in Mallya
And if one switches on the television sets, there comes the robust and unputdownable Vijay Mallya, the owner of  ‘Royal Challenger Bangalore, putting a strong stamp of approval on the competence of Modi. He rubbishes all charges and goes on to quote “one is innocent unless proved guilty”.  The liquor and air king is effusive about IPL chief’s contribution in making IPL “a stupendous success.”