A mindless romance with zero charm

A mindless romance with zero charm


Kannada (U/A)

Cast: Ganesh, Rashmika Mandanna, Sadhu Kokila, Girish Shivanna, Raghuram D, Vishwa Vijeth, Dheeraj Shetty

Director: Sunil

Rating: *

Golden Star Ganesh's Chamak is simply the pits. Despite its promising title, the film does not charm. Nor does it weave its mushy magic on you. It's just a two-and-half hour hogwash dished out as an entertainer.

Chamak rides on the Mungaru Male charm of Ganesh and Kirik Party cherubic crush of Rashmika Mandanna. Ganesh, who plays gynaecologist Kush, and Rashmika, event manager Kushi, bring no cheer or colour to viewers despite their charm offensive.

Each detests the idea of marriage. For, to the duo, marriage means compromise. Both Kush and Kushi are given to their nocturnal tipple and believe in booze binge. They wish to be secure in their own space. In their idea of idyllic life, friends and party matter more than their partner. But destiny wills otherwise.

The two go through the charade of wedding, sporting the faade of goody-goody groom and bride, believing each is hoodwinking the other. Truth discovered, both head to civil court for the big D - divorce.

With a promising premise, setting his romance in the social media age of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, director Sunil could have indeed worked wonders, exploring how today's lifestyle and the need to have one's own independent space can make or mar marriages. But he has other ideas up his sleeve.

Scripting a silly comedy of a mock marriage, with a disgusting Sadhu Kokila for company, Chamak is one downhill ride to boredom. Instead of laughing your heart out, you tear your hair out.

Ganesh's familiar romantic routine and Rashmika's modernistic makeover don't really work into an onscreen chemistry.

Do Kush and Kushi make a match of the matrimony? Who cares!

There are better avenues to spend the weekend.


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