Encroachment of lake is main problem here

Encroachment of lake is main problem here

Ward 10 Dodda Bommasandra

Encroachment of lake is main problem here

this former CMC area is very much a part of the BBMP, and like the other Palike wards, this too has its share of problems.

Lack of underground drains (UGD), narrow roads leading to constant traffic jam, lack of footpaths and most importantly encroachment of the Dodda Bommasandra Lake are some of the key issues here. As K V Siddharth, a resident of 6th Cross, put it, five years ago the contractors had taken money and promised to lay UGD pipelines in all the lanes. However, the pipelines were laid in all the other lanes except on 5th and 6th Cross.

“We have been using septic tanks due to lack of UGD pipeline. In fact, all the house owners here had given a written complaint to the BBMP but nothing came out of that. Now, the problem is that the area where the pit was put has been tarred. If we need to clean it, we will have to break open the tarred road,” Siddharth said.

Uneven stormwater drains that led to flooding during monsoon and encroachment of footpaths by shop owners are other apparent problems.   

 Ashok Chavan, another resident, drew attention to the encroachment of Dodda Bommasandra lake. “The lake, if rejuvenated could recharge the groundwater level in the area. Instead, people dump their garbage there,” he said.

A month ago, some police officials had dumped several litres of liquor, seized during elections, on the dry lake bed.

He said that there was a need for Resident Welfare Associations in the area to bridge the gap between officials and public.

However, Anish Sreedharan, a resident and founder of NGO My Bhoomi, believes that citizens need to get their act together and not rely solely on corporators.
“Even if we don’t get a great leader, we can always shape them,” he opined.

According to him, “What we need is sustainable solutions in the area, and they include setting up RWAs, recycling garbage, purification of waste water, etc.”

He wanted to ask the Corporator how much garbage the area produces, how could this be reused, plans for rainwater harvesting in each house, etc. “Basically, I want to know what are his plans to make this Dodda Bommasandra as the model ward and how he proposes to do it,” he said.