Bonding for a cause

Bonding for a cause

Bonding for a cause

A group of socially conscious people recently spent their weekend cleaning and painting the precincts of a park. And in the weekend that followed, they beautified the walls of the park with Warli art. These people are part of an exclusive Facebook group called Dharwad Bonds. This group is actively involved in civic initiatives and is focussed on change.

This online platform, aimed to bring a positive change in the mindset of people associated with Dharwad, was formed by Mithila Balse in May 2011. Soon, Kiran Hiremath, another admin of this Facebook group, started taking up several social activities in the city. His active involvement in all the issues related to the city, meaningful initiatives, transparency, credibility, and dedication inspired many to contribute and volunteer in the activities meant for the betterment of the city.

Being the change

The group has more than 14,000 members and most of them are residents of Dharwad. Others are placed in different cities and countries. Through this group, the members intend to remain connected with each other by sharing beautiful memories of Dharwad, contributing and volunteering for social activities like blood donation, tree plantation, beautification and cleanliness of parks, streets and lakes.

In the current scenario, where everyone uses social media for posting selfies, personal pictures and political discussions, this group discusses meaningful topics related to Dharwad. Many problems related to the city are discussed on the forum in a constructive way. And, members use their contacts and expertise to find solutions, and decide upon contributing and volunteering in their capacity.

Recently, the makeover of a bus shelter adjoining the house of renowned poet Da Ra Bendre was taken up by the members of Dharwad Bonds. Rajkumar Madiwalar, a disappointed resident of the area, posted a picture of the bus shelter filled with garbage on social media. The group members immediately decided to renovate the bus shelter on a weekend inviting other active groups to volunteer for the same.

Within two to three hours, 25 bags of garbage was removed and primer was applied. Then, the entire structure was painted and revived. In the evening, the members recited the compositions of Da Ra Bendre.

The group members were joined by bus passengers and passers-by, as the love for the famous poet brought people together. Their social consciousness and love for literature has helped make a difference to the surroundings of the city. They have also renovated public urinals in several places. Defaced walls and signboards in various public spaces were cleaned by the members of this group.

Quick action

Likewise, two members, Karan Doddwad and Vijaya Kulkarni brought to the group's notice the condition of relegated parks in their respective localities. Soon, the members volunteered to clean and paint the precincts of the park on a weekend. The activities were conducted along with the residential associations and there was an overwhelming response. The residents participated in great numbers and promised that they would ensure proper maintenance of the parks by volunteering on Sundays. Thus, Dharwad Bonds is making a difference by creating awareness among the people besides its volunteering activities.

P V Hiremath, an environmental enthusiast and entrepreneur, is also an active admin of the group who extends his support by participating in all the activities. Besides, he also provides equipment, labour and training needed for the weeding, trimming, maintenance and sustenance of plants.

On many occasions, highly beneficial plants have been planted by his team in public areas.
When it is brought to their notice, active members of the group like P V Hiremath, Kiran Hiremath and Ottilie Anban reach out to the officials concerned to take immediate corrective measures for protecting trees from being cut or destroyed while cementing pavements.

The group ended the year 2017 by painting and renovating the famous Chennabassapa Park in the city. Dharwad Bonds is a group committed to the cause of clean surroundings and eviornment-friendly spaces. Along with its activities, it ensures that like-minded people interact and form lasting friendships.

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