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Last Updated 02 June 2018, 15:45 IST

Any cruiser on Indian roads has something eye-catching about it among the passersby. If it has a unique design and superior styling, the rider will be in the limelight even at the busy junctions. That is one of the goodies of owning a cruiser. And, if it has been recently launched, then the rider and his bike will be the centre of all attraction, even while the steed is parked. And taking all these benefits many notches up is if one were to ride the latest Suzuki Intruder 155, which is all over the TV sets, but is yet to hit the market in a big way.

Sitting just two feet above the ground and cruising the motorcycle on the road, irrespective of the unpredictable conditions, being the centre of attraction among fellow-riders is the best part of riding the all-new Suzuki Intruder 155. As the bike-makers did with the Gixxer, they have also drawn the lineage for the new bike from their legendary over 700 cc Intruder super cruiser.

Heavy build

What is special about the vehicle is its looks. Breaking the styling myth of more known Indian cruisers, the new design is some what attractive and eye-catching. The design is just like a super/sports bike that we rarely see on the Indian roads, which is the main reason for it to be in the limelight. Loaded with fiber spare parts, the bike looks like a packed sports bike. The individual can only understand the bike's true role only when the engine is turned on.

The engine noise of most Suzuki motorcycles is the same. The makers are successful in retaining the same sound throughout their stable, which they have also done in the new Intruder 155 cc. Though the soothing engine sound will not match with the bike's build, it's just like any other Suzuki motorcycle on the road. The makers have not changed much aspects in the new bike, as they have maintained the same horn too. So it's only the design, which makes the owner to feel special about the bike.

Retaining the sportiness

The makers have retained the sportiness that goes well with Suzuki's bikes, with the new Intruder 155 cc doing its bit in attracting the discerning youth of this country. This affordable cruiser will definitely be a most sought after vehicle among today's youth. Irrespective of performance, any youth's desire would be to own a special bike, which purpose this new bike serves well.

It's not just the style, but the performance which matters. When the Intruder was tested on various road conditions and stretches, we detected a few drawbacks, between the many plus-points that abound. In city road conditions, it is easy to handle the bike, but it's a bit difficult to maneuver it go in-between the vehicles at traffic signals. This is where the rider has to wait for his path. However, the unique design will keep the on-goers engaged and the rider on the bike will be celebrity. On the highway road, the rider is the boss. The cushioned seats and cruising at the top speed by high vehicles beside is where you can enjoy your ride. The vehicle was also easy to handle in the patch areas, bad roads and potholes. Taking up the bike in the bad roads was not at all a problem as the 170mm ground clearance of the bike was efficient to handle it. The single suspension below the seat will absorb the maximum shocks, and avoids the rider getting strained.

Fine engine

The 155 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine produces 14.8 PS power @ 8,000 RPM and 14 Nm torque @ 6,000RPM, which is similar to what is on the Gixxer. This is the basic power that any normal rider aspires for, but considering it as being the baby Intruder, the makers should have worked a bit on the engine - at least by boosting it to a 200-plus cc motor. With the many competitors within the same segment of bikes, the design and the look became the only key aspect of owning an Intruder 155 cc.

The stretched handle and tweaked chassis to make it suit the frame of a cruiser, has resulted in better stability on long rides.

The main drawback in the bike would be the fuel tank capacity, which is 11 litres. Though the tank looks big, its 11-litre capacity is surprisingly small. Suzuki claims a mileage of 44 kmpl, with the rider managing a long journey for 450-500 km. The bike is beefed up with front 100/90-17-tubeless and rear 140/60R-17-radial tubeless tyres, which is all that the rider needs for a perfect ride in any road conditions. The two standard disc brakes are enough to handle the bike at any speeds, and ABS functioning is good. Though the bike is 148 kg in weight, the rider can only feel it when he gets down, and it will all disappear when he hits the road. Rear seat design can be the biggest drawback for the bike, as the makers have forgotten to add much safety features for a pillion-rider. Though it's the imitation of its legendary sibling, working on the safety of the pillion rider in an affordable cruiser would have made a big difference for it. It's a beauty for a lone rider, but the seating space for the pillion rider is not up to the mark. Any affordable bike-owner will be concerned about a comfy pillion rider seat, which this machine kind of lacks.

Design talks

The special looks and designs are the biggest strengths of the new Suzuki Intruder 155 cc. The lineage of the legendary Intruder with its flowing character lines, big bike-like shrouds, and a distinctive twin-exhaust that stands out - its low and long styling, with a long wheelbase, and a low seat, makes both the daily commute and the weekend ride exciting with an attitude.

Suzuki has never forgotten to adopt futuristic features like a standard ABS, a fully-digital instrument cluster and a superior SEP engine, which promises the sublime riding performance.

The new Intruder is available in two colours Metallic Oort/Metallic Matt Black No 2, and Glass Sparkle Black/Metallic Matt Titanium Silver; and is priced at Rs 98,340 (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

(Published 16 January 2018, 17:16 IST)

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