Storm and supreme peace

Storm and supreme peace

The lines I read recently are still reverberating in my mind "Don't get sucked by others' storms. Rather, have them sucked by your supreme inner peace".

Incidentally, the storm creators, who create mental storms by their bad words, actions or behaviour, are found everywhere  at workplaces, in the neighbourhood, at social gatherings, etc, etc. In fact, there are two kinds of storm creators. One, who create mental storms innocuously and the other, who create intentionally.

The first kind is of those ones, who unwittingly create mental storms by perpetually and persistently whining about a plethora of their personal problems. In a plaintive tone, they keep pouring out all their pent-up woes, with such pertinacity that, at the end of their prolonged drone, you find yourself being engulfed by an enormous wave of mood-enervating depression!

Next, the second kind of storm creators are those persons, who perennially are on a personal agenda to purposely make you plunge into a pool of profound misery/discomfort. At times, these storm creators may make you feel demoralised or demotivated, even have you drowning in doldrums or despondent mood, thereby disrupting your equipoise of mind and derailing your peace levels  all these depending upon the degree of the storm created!

Now, how we react in such a scenario? Well, what is actually needed here is to remain singularly calm/peaceful. With concerted efforts, great conditioning of mind and copious resolve, when we try remaining collected and composed, apparently, the storm creators' efforts to rile, ruffle or rattle us culminates in a real fiasco. In case, we try reacting or reposting back, their mission gets accomplished, since they realise we are being greatly affected by their storms!

After all, we should understand that people who create storms in others' lives are the same ones, who'd be grappling with massive storms in their own personal lives! Their own mental frustrations would be manifesting itself as their storm-creating activity. No wonder, "People can't pull you down unless they are below you! Likewise, people can't pull you back until they are behind you"!


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