Shoaib asks people to welcome Sania in a decent way

Shoaib asks people to welcome Sania in a decent way

"I know the people here are very happy about our marriage but at the same time, they should be decent in expressing their emotions. In our country, respect is shown to sisters and mothers," Shoaib told a TV news channel.

The couple has been mobbed by frenzied fans and media since their arrival in Pakistan this week.

Large crowds gathered at the airports in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and the hotels where Shoaib and Sania stayed.
Shoaib was upset at the behaviour of the crowds at Karachi airport and Lahore's Pearl Continental Hotel, where Sania and her mother were jostled by fans.
When Shoaib reached Pearl Continental Hotel with Sania from Allama Iqbal Airport yesterday evening, a huge crowd had gathered there to get a glimpse of the newly married couple.

The presence of the crowd caused chaos at the hotel.
Both Shoaib and Sania had to make their way to an elevator through a corridor packed with cheering fans.
As they passed through the crowd, they were pushed and shoved.
At one point, Sania was about to fall but Shoaib jumped to her rescue. This brought tears to Sania's eyes.

Unhappy over these incidents, Shaoib declined to hold a scheduled press conference.
He also met Superintendent of Police Haider Ashraf and asked him to provide the couple and his Indian guests foolproof security.
Shaoib asked police to take steps to keep uncontrolled crowds away from Sania.
Meanwhile, about a dozen of Sania's relatives are scheduled to arrive in Lahore today.
The couple will leave for Shoaib's hometown of Sialkot later in the evening for a reception to be held on Sunday.

The 'walima' or reception hosted by Shoaib will be held in Lahore's Pearl Continental Hotel on Tuesday.
Some 1,000 guests from Pakistan and abroad are expected to attend the event.