Appoint deputy Lokayukta soon: Justice Hegde

Appoint deputy Lokayukta soon: Justice Hegde

Govt does not respond to the demand

Appoint deputy Lokayukta soon: Justice Hegde

Lokayukta Justice N Santhosh Hegde shakes hands with umpire Venu Utthappa prior to SAI-Canara Bank match. Canara Bank team players and Coorg Hockey Association President Mohan Ayyappa look on.

Addressing the reporters after watching the State-level Super Division Hockey League tourney on Saturday at Madikeri, he said that people are of the opinion that Assistant Commissioners, Tahshildars, Revenue inspectors and officials of this grade are creating lots of problems in the system but Lokayukta cannot raid these officials as per the High Court order. Hence, appointment of Deputy Lokayukta is a must but this demand has not yet received any response from the Government yet.

He said that approval to file corruption cases against 30 to 40 IAS and IPS officials is still pending. “The Centre is yet to consider the proposal submitted by the Lokayukta demanding permission to file cases against IAS and IPS officials who are recruited by Union Public Service Commission. Unfortunately, the State government is not even paying heed to such demands,” he said.

He opined that Karnataka state should follow the Andhra Pradesh, Orisa model and increase the Dearness Allowance of the Lokayukta, provide more personnel to Lokayukta wings. “I had urged the CM to consult the Lokayukta while withdrawing the suspension of the official who falls into Lokayukta net, to which he had responded positively.

Unfortunately, off late it is seen that the suspension of corrupt official is not only withdrawn without consulting the Lokayukta, but such officials are deputed to duty with promotion,” he lamented and questioned whether there is any value to the recommendations and opinions of a Lokayukta in the system. He said that very often his attempts to expose the corrupt faces of the politicians and the bureaucrats has been ridiculed as publicity stunts.

Answering query on the extent of corruption in the Executive body of the government, he said that while officials at the lower levels fall prey to the Lokayukta trap, the officials at the higher ups play it safe by having property in somebody else’s name. “IPL case is a classic example. Swiss accounts have become outdated,” he said.