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Last Updated 09 February 2018, 13:57 IST

Couples, young and old, now have an amazing option of rekindling their romance by approaching it in a healthy way. Bonding over exercises is the latest trend that has taken hold of love birds, who have found a perfect way to spend time together.

Strengthening relationships, understanding each other in a new space and working towards the common goal of fitness has been a positive phenomenon. Fitness works at an individual level, which then reflects through a good intellectual, corporal and emotional health, thus forging strong relationships.

A recent study has shown several positives of couples working out together. Let's take a look at some of them:

Motivation: When two people work towards a common goal, they are bound to be each others' driving force. This works as a big motivation even on days when one of you may feel too lazy to hit the gym. Working out with your partner often sets a routine and by commuting together you consciously take efforts not to skip classes.

Health plus: In our sedentary lifestyle, working out is no more an option but a necessity. Just after a few months of regular exercise, one can get a boost of energy, a toned body and an active brain, which will keep you away from depression, sluggishness and poor health.

Workout options: Right from dancing, yoga, aerobics, gymming to different sports, fitness centres are offering new exercise options involving different activities to keep the couples engaged and fit.  

Better communication: Shunning all the electronic devices and interacting in a relaxed environment improves communication. Spending quality time everyday is a great way to better any relationship.

Good food: A healthy diet and a pleased belly makes everyone calm and rejuvenated. Keep your gut healthy by opting for organic and fresh ingredients. A healthy gut also ensures perfect intimacy with increased enthusiasm and participation.

Two's fun: Working to achieve a desirable body and an improved inner and outer strength can make you happy. When couples exercise together, it's a new experience, which is bound to improve and restore their relationship.

Renewed friendship: Spending quality hours and attaining goals of a healthy mind, body and soul is a wonderful way of adding moments of fun in a relationship. The partners are not just supportive and encouraging about each others' targets, but they also make for good company in the journey towards achieving those goals. An individual fitness regime or couple working out together, all make way for them to interact more often. It also makes way for healthy conversations since each of them is in a cheerful

Happiness: A vigorous body and an active mind achieved after exploring new potential and stamina is pure bliss. And when your partner is equally lively, happiness knows no bounds. This can be beneficial in nurturing relationships and ensure career and interpersonal growth. Reduced stress levels, strengthened body and happy hearts open new communication channels, help couples stay focused and explore new facets of life together.

Time, flexibility & space: Couples can book their sessions and personalise it with different activities, training and food. They can also opt for spa therapies on a lazy weekend to gear up for the upcoming week. Therapeutic treatments are extremely relaxing and bring one closer to self.

Opting for couple fitness packages and making them a routine will not just ensure a happy family life, but also add a zest in the times of stress. It is a perfect way of ensuring harmony and bonding with one another.

(The author is director at Atmantan Wellness Centre)

(Published 09 February 2018, 07:14 IST)

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