Symbols of luxury

Symbols of luxury

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Symbols of luxury

“The scarf is the most versatile fashion accessory for men and women. Symbols of luxury and available in natural or man-made fibres, they come in a range of exciting prints like floral, paisleys, animal, coat of arms and abstracts, which can be matched effectively with the rest of your ensemble,” she advises. “They add colour to a staid office look or a splash of bandana fun at a Sunday picnic.”

“Scarf ties for men have made a huge comeback in line with the current retro-theme. They exaggerate the slim look and are a refreshing change in a male wardrobe. Women — try knotting a scarf on your bag and see it glam up!” she smiles.

“Stoles (longer scarves) have the same dramatic effect on your clothes. In silk, wool, viscose, georgette or chiffon, they are a perfect way to blend Western and Eastern style. I have used a lot of ribbons, grosgrain tape and crystal on plain and printed stoles this season,” she explains.

The queen of wraps – the shawl redolent of cool winter evenings and the rich feel of Pashmina or Cashmere. Meant for men and women, this season will see block colours, nudes, muted pastels. Also in are purples, rich mango or teal. Depending on the width and length and occasion, stoles ,scarves or shawls can be adapted to protect oneself from heat or cold. Tie it like a belt or use it as head cover. Use to it keep warm or enhance a beautiful evening dress.

Experiment with different widths. If your dress is simple, add a same-colour wrap with sparkling accents, patterns or additional colours.
Try raiding your mom’s wardrobe, you are bound to unearth some classic treasures there. Among the big brands, Hermes is famous for its lovely scarves but a walk down any fashion street or mall will give you a variety of choices from locally made weaves to individually designed pieces.

Dos and Don’ts
 The European knot is very ‘in’. Fold a thin, light-weight shawl in half. Drape it around the neck and pull the loose ends through the hole on the other end. Pull it  taut to complete the look or leave it slightly loose for a more relaxed effect.
  Avoid the giant knotted scarves on your neck, and go for a more timeless look with a simple drape or tie.
 Save skinny scarves for more fitted tops and jackets.
  Although the same colour monochromatic look can be chic, it can also be boring unless you mix textures.
 Don’t add a random scarf with a cocktail dress unless you coordinate carefully. It can end up looking tacky.
  Don’t over accessorise and overwhelm your outfit with a scarf, hat and sunglasses all worn together or it will look like a disguise.
  While stoles are usually ‘one size fits all’, a large stole can overwhelm a petite woman’s appearance, so avoid them for formal events.

 Wrap it right
»Alisha, a student says, “Scarves and stoles definitely add chic to dressy evening wear. They are fabulous alternatives to cropped jackets and can even transform a little black dress into something new. Wrap it around
the waist and tie it low on the side like a sarong or drape it over a strappy top for a demure look, the possibilities are endless.”