Peculiar symptoms of disease worry villagers

Peculiar symptoms of disease worry villagers

No doctor to diagnose ailment and prescribe medicines at PHC

There are about 500 houses in this village. About 15 days ago two to three people in a house suffered from severe head ache, body ache along with body rashes. Within 15 days, the peculiar disease has gripped the entire village, keeping most of the people indoors.

The patients say that there is nobody to diagnose the ailment and prescribe medicines at the Primary Health Centre. Since everyone from the village are going to a hospital at Javagal, there is a huge crowd outside the hospital. Though the patients have got their blood tests done, the doctors at this hospital too have failed to find the reason for the problem.

Last year after two Chikungunya cases were detected, District Health Department started fogging and controlled mosquitoes in the area. However since the symptoms are similar to that of Chikungunya, people suspect it must be Chikungunya.

“From the last two weeks, everyone is busy visiting hospitals. We have done all tests but none of the doctors are sure about the problem. We are spending Rs 100 per day to go to Javagal hospital and get medicines. If District hospital puts up a camp in the village it will be of great help to the poor,” says Ananth Achar, a resident of Machenahalli who is also suffering from peculiar symptoms.

Speaking to Deccan Herald District Medical Officer Doddamallappa said that no Chikungunya cases have been detected at Machenahalli. “The residents are suffering from flu. It is not Chikungunya for sure,” he said and promised to hold camp in the village from Sunday onwards.