Entrepreneurs all!

I was in need of a person to help me with odd jobs. It would take less than an hour a day. Approaching a woman who had helped me in the past, I told her about my requirement. She promised to find me a trustworthy person.

True to her word, she sent a smart young girl. I thought she would suit me to a T. She told me that she cleaned classrooms in the mornings and evenings in a nearby school. "And in between?" I asked, my hopes rising. "I help my mother string flowers. She sells flowers to some regular customers." So that was that.

The next person to turn up said she was busy in the morning. In the afternoon and evening, she did a bit of tailoring. "Otherwise, how can we make ends meet?" she asked, offering me her services.

The person whose services I had enlisted to find me a help did not seem to have given the job seekers the correct profile. There were people desperately looking for jobs but they seemed to elude me. I felt despondent. So, my search came to a halt. Someday, someone will want just this kind of work. Until then, I would wait with hope in my heart.

My spirits lifted when I met an elderly domestic help unexpectedly. She was of the old school - trustworthy, loyal, sincere and affectionate. A big smile split her face upon seeing me. My delight was no less. She asked me, "How are you, amma? It is ages since I saw you." She went on to enquire about the whole family. I did likewise. Then I broached my request, hoping she would help me out. "Age has caught up with me. I work at a house for an hour in the mornings and go home."

"What do you do in the afternoons?" I asked. "My work can be done anytime you are free." "I rest in the afternoon. About 3 pm, I start on my second job."

I was all agog. "What is the job?" "I make pakodas. Otherwise, I would have helped you." She too had become an entrepreneur!

"How is business?" I asked. "I started it just two weeks ago. Business is picking up and I am breaking even. In two or three months, I hope to make a profit." I couldn't help admiring her enterprising spirit. "I am sure your business will be a success," I assured. She deserved it.

"May your words come true," she replied. "Any time you want pakodas, give me a call," she offered and took out her mobile. We exchanged numbers and parted ways.

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