Something's brewing...

Something's brewing...

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Something's brewing...

Just when one thought Geetha Krishna had left movie-making altogether, he is back with a trilingual, Coffee Shop. Known for making meaningful and trendsetting movies like Sankeerthana, Kokila and Time, Geetha felt most of his movies were perceived to be too ahead of time and not understood completely by the audience. “That’s when I got into ad-making. I felt I will come back to movies when the time is right and when I came across Coffee Shop, I knew I just had to make it,” he says.

The movie has already created much curiosity for its unusual name and interesting plot. It is said to be a high-tech thriller incorporating the theme of love and romance along with a message. “The film tries to instill in young minds, a sense of social responsibility and a spirit of peaceful coexistence of communities and different religious groups,” says Geetha.

But why is it being made in three languages? “It was a fresh concept for me and I wanted the message to reach out to a larger audience,” he adds. So even the cast that he chose had to fit in all three languages. Starring Shashank and Biaenca Desai in lead roles and Atul Kulkarni in a pivotal role, he says he wanted actors who would bring in the required freshness and talent to the story.

“Working with established names is not my style. For me, the story should not be dominated by big names. People should come and watch the movie for its story and not for who is in it and who is not,” he explains.

During the launch of the film, there was news of Girish Karnad also being a part of the project. “Things didn’t work out with Girish because he was not free at that time and the shoot of the film had to go on,” he says.

One of the specialties of Geetha Krishna’s films is the music. Apparently, Ilayaraja is his favourite music director and has composed music in most of his films. But this time, Geetha chose to compose the music himself. “It was a good experience and let’s see how the audience reacts to it,” he says.

Expectations from the film are bound to be there. Ask Geetha on what the audience can expect this time and he says, “It’s a completely new genre that I have worked in. But one thing is for sure — the movie may not be a high budget one, but it will surely have a grand theme.” Coffee Shop is slated to release in May.