Air France jet crash: 2 bodies found in Atlantic

Ill-fated jet suffered multiple systems failures, sent 24 error messages

Air France jet crash: 2 bodies found in Atlantic

Air force spokesman Col Jorge Amaral said the bodies were recovered on Saturday morning.
They were picked up roughly 400 miles (640 kilometers) northeast of the Fernando de Noronha islands off Brazil’s northern coast.

Amaral said a suitcase containing a plane ticket for the flight was also found.
Flight 447 disappeared on Sunday with 228 people on board. Officials say there were no survivors.

The first item recovered was a seat from the plane, Amaral said. The first body was then sighted by a navy vessel at IST 5:40 pm. It was recovered 20 minutes later by the ship’s crew and identified as that of a man, he said.

The last item recovered so far was a backpack. The search for more bodies and debris from the plane was on, 1,000 kilometers off Brazil’s northeast coast. It was the first recovery of items from the aircraft in six days of searching the open Atlantic.

French investigators said on Saturday the Air France Airbus A330 suffered multiple systems failures in its final moments and had speed monitors that had failed on other planes.

Twenty-four automatic error messages sent by the plane just prior to the crash last Monday showed its autopilot was disengaged after conflicting speed readings were given by sensors, the head of the French air accident investigation agency said.

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