Keeping constant vigil to protect data, says UIDAI

Keeping constant vigil to protect data, says UIDAI

Keeping constant vigil to protect data, says UIDAI

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Wednesday said it keeps a constant vigil to ensure that user data is fully protected.

"As far as Aadhaar data is concerned, data is fully protected. I presented before the Supreme Court that there is not a single breach from the Aadhaar system during the last seven years. We are constantly on vigil," UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey told reporters here.

Stating that the nodal authority for Aadhaar is well aware of the new threats that are emerging, Pandey asserted that UIDAI remains committed to keeping the data safe at all times.

"In the IT world, new technologies are coming. While it is enabling the people, it is also enabling the other side who do not have good intentions. So what we need to do is keep upgrading our technology, keep assessing what new technology our opponents would apply, how to take proactive steps in time, so that our data remains safe...," Pandey said.

He also said that banks can continue to link Aadhaar with bank accounts, but that accounts cannot not be deactivated for the lack of Aadhaar, till the Supreme Court verdict is pronounced.

The top court on March 13, indefinitely extended the March 31 deadline for linking bank accounts and mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar.

Pandey said that the apex court had not given a stay order.

"The court has extended the last date for linking till the date of judgement. During this process, banks can continue to provide the facility and people can link...But any deactivation or adverse consequences will happen only after the judgement of court," he said.