Contact officers for info, poll code violations

The model code of conduct has been in force and the authorities concerned have been taking action against any violation of the same.

As the members of the public have to take prior permission for any programmes, including religious programmes, from the officials concerned, they may contact the numbers given below:

118-Baindoor - P Srinivas (Election officer) - 8762805600 (mobile), 08254-251657 (landline), Tahsildar office at Baindoor.

119-Kundapur - T Bhoobalan (Election officer) - 9606779366, 08254-298058, Assistant Commissioner's office, Kundapur.

120-Udupi - Kempe Gowda (Election officer) - 9900605169, 0820-2525553, Old ZP office, Bannanje, Udupi.

121-Kaup - Kumuda Sharath (Election Officer) - 9945469150, 0820-2525553, Old ZP office, Bannanje, Udupi.

122-Karkala - K H Shivkumar (Election officer) - 6361448409, 08258-230201, Taluk office, Karkala.

Offices have been opened to facilitate voters at all taluk centres. Voters may get information at the following offices.
118-Baindoor (08254-235567), Taluk office, Kundapur.

119-Kundapur (08254-235567), Taluk office, Kundapur.
120-Udupi (0820-2521198), Taluk office, Udupi.

121-Kaup (0820-2521198), Taluk office, Udupi.
122-Karkala (08258-230057), Taluk office, Karkala.

On April 8, a special drive has been organised at all polling stations to create awareness on voters list.

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