Sonu believes Gultoo was a turning point

Sonu believes Gultoo was a turning point

Sonu believes Gultoo was a turning point

Actor Sonu Gowda is on a happy high after the release of 'Gultoo'. She thinks that this movie changed her image in the film industry and was the break she had been waiting for in her 10-year-long career. All geared up for her upcoming release 'Kaanorayana' by T S Nagabharana, Sonu believes she is in a happy space. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about 'Kaanorayana' and more.

How do you feel after 'Gultoo'?

I never expected that the film would be such a turning point. From the critics to varied categories of the audience, everyone appreciated the film and my character Pooja. It was the most satisfying role in my 10-year-long career.

Something that you are looking forward to...

I want to keep doing films with a good theme, character and subject. I want to be a part of films that will take Kannada to a global level.

How did 'Kaanorayana' happen?

I have worked with T S Nagabharana during my theatre days. I think he must have watched my performance in Pannaga Bharana's 'Happy New Year', which might have influenced his choice for the role. I feel blessed to have worked with him. Be it about time or people management, there is so much to learn from him.

Tell us about your role in the film...

I play Gauri, a woman hailing from a poor family, who gets a chance to rule the village. Though the film is not women-centric it focuses on how people behave when Gauri gets power. The character has allowed me to explore myself as an actor.

Do Sonu and Gauri have any similar traits?

None at all. Gauri is very social, concerned about the world and wants to make a change. I have not even gone through a bit of what Gauri has gone through.

What are the challenges a female actor faces today?

Even today, in mass movies, female actors just get to adorn pretty dresses and make the frame look nicer. There is so much more that can be explored.

Actor Neha, your sister, got married recently. Is marriage on the cards for you?

I have five more releases coming up. I am very focused and career-oriented at the moment.


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