Where devotion comes alive...

Where devotion comes alive...

Where devotion comes alive...

The puja room in the home is a beatific zone that exudes tranquillity and is a source of positive vibes for the dwellers. In some sense, it is also a very personal space that defines the spirituality that constitutes the lives of the people. It is only befitting that it is designed to incorporate the aforementioned essence of the space. Here are few ideas from experts to help with the decor:

Add highlights

Nothing works like clever lighting to spruce up spaces. "Concealed lighting in the prayer area of your home makes it look unique and lends a divine touch," says Ayushi Kanodia, interior designer, Ayushi Kanodia Designs. "You can add a sparkle by bringing in hanging lights on either side of the mandir to make it look stylish and elegant. Dangling lights made of brass, or even earthy elements like bamboo and terracotta to rev up the decor."

"Go for a backlit chowki for the aesthetic appeal. You can also install a handcrafted puja chowki. An intricately crafted red-bordered marble chowki studded with stones and a small deity framed on the top makes for a brilliant focal point in the puja area. There are also structures embedded with figurines or swastika symbols to add to the visual glory," says Sonam Gupta, design head, Tangerine.

Get the seating right

If you have a dedicated puja room, add stylish and comfortable seating to it. Ayushi says, "If you have a puja space where you sit down and make offerings, having stylish wooden, bamboo or cane lounge seating is a good idea."

The seats can be stacked and moved to the side towards the walls when not in use.
Krsnaa Mehta, designer, IndiaCircus, says, "Bring in touches of colour and intricacies of patterns. Cushions and long pillows smeared in Indian art prints and patterns make for a beautiful addition." Their inclusion adds to the vivaciousness of the space. If you have ample room for seating many people in the area, being in a colourful rug for the special touch. "A floor rug is the easiest way to fill the room with character. If there are sufficient patterns in the decor, opt for a neutral shade in the rug, else go for a bright colour."

Colour code

White infuses a sense of calm and quiet in the space and makes for an excellent backdrop for other additions in the room. "Alternatively, you can decorate the wall in red accents using murals of mythology," says Sonam. "Or, go for saffron or a green backlit complexion on the main wall. Bringing in accents in tangerine or blue adds an element of interest. Another option would be to place recessed, vertical stands and then light them up in floral impressions."

Colours spell joy with tones and accents, so do flowers in their freshness and radiance. Jasmine Jhaveri, a decor designer and stylist, says, "Fresh is always fun. Whether you go down the traditional route with marigolds and roses, or experiment with exotic flowers, blooms look gorgeous and infuse the air with a delicious fragrance. String flowers to decorate the puja area at the entrance and within."

Accessorise it

"You can bring in Rajasthani flair by getting a wooden jharokha or by displaying brass idols to bring in a spot of instant glory. Decorate the area with golden coils. You can even hang a wooden-crafted door hanging. A black and gold combination makes for a distinguished appearance," says Sonam. "To reflect upon the divine, you can use the comforting pattern of a folded bedcover drawn in floral print and in monochrome on one side and vermilion colour-filled on the other. Use the bedcover as a throw across a low platform altar shelf." Choose a bright rug or mats to be used while sitting on the ground. Agarbatti stands in brass or chrome finishes bring in a touch of elegance.

Tiny details

Small lights, mini bells and fine details in carvings add up to the entire look. Suspending bells of different size and shapes, some with intricate carvings, create a festive mood, suggests Sonam, and adds, "Make use of torans crafted with dry natural flowers, ceramic hangings at the entrance made of natural clay, and wooden artefacts to give the space a very natural and clean look.

Make your own puja thali with gold and silver additions for that sparkle. Add silver coins, small potlis of wrapped prasad in green and red patterns and prepare an astounding puja thali display. Get some brass stands to hold incense sticks. Arrange oil lamps with beautiful colour carvings or in classy silver or diyas with peacock motifs or impersonating figurines to infuse the festive fervour." Make your puja area evocative of positivity and watch the magic unfurl across your home and hearts through this fountainhead of calm.