The 'short' story

The 'short' story

The 'short' story

Summer is here. And as temperatures soar, the body automatically rejects heavy fabric, tight fits, and full-length clothing. So we're looking at the cooler (literally and figuratively) alternative - shorts! Here's how you can pick up a flattering pair of shorts that'll look good and feel good.

What to keep in mind while buying a pair of shorts

What's the worst that could happen if you picked up the wrong pair of shorts? Turns out, there's quite a bit. For one, you could end up with an uncomfortable length. Or worse even, flaunt the dreaded camel toe. Which is why, Rashi Goil, founder of Sarto Label, insists that one must try the shorts before buying them. "Very often girls buy shorts whose lengths they aren't comfortable with and end up feeling awkward wearing them. So it is important to keep the cut and length of the shorts in mind. Also one must go for styles that flatter their body types instead of blindly following trends. Also, make sure that you move around and sit during the trial to know exactly how it will move with your body," she says.

A common mistake that women make while picking up shorts is that they try to attain a certain fit. But wearing shorts, as Rashi points out, "is all about flaunting your natural shape. Stick to a loose silhouette that moves. And whatever you do, tuck in your top to maximise your pair's waist-flaunting powers," she adds.

Know what's best for you

High-waisted, mid-length shorts flatter most body types. So while it is a safe bet to pick it up regardless of your frame, there are a few things you can look out for while specifically choosing the best fit for you. Designer Nikhil Thampi has a few suggestions. "For curvier body types, instead of itty-bitty cutoffs, try longer boyfriend shorts in a relaxed, but streamlined fit. A structured, tucked-in top is great for adding a little definition to your body elsewhere. If you're broader on top and blessed with slender legs, try wide-waistband shorts with a tucked-in blousy top to define your waist."

Designer Rhea Rastogi has one basic mantra - check that it fits like a glove on the hips. "If you are curvy and want to buy a pair of fitted shorts, avoid ones with pockets. If you are super slim, go for styles that enhance and flatter your body type - like wrap shorts or sack shorts, essentially any style with more volume or layers." Those with a shorter built should choose shorter lengths to make their legs appear longer, suggests designer Aakriti Grover.

What's haute?

Shorts (thankfully) have never gone out of style. But they have been a surprising trend on the runways of major fashion weeks this year, says designer Arpita Mehta. "Some of the frequent spottings, in fact, have been leather, silk, and even cycling shorts. The '90s-style bike shorts are the inescapable trend of 2018," she asserts. While trends come and go, there are a few go-to picks that always do the trick. Aakriti Grover believes that the hot shorts are definitely a go-getter for any vacation wardrobe. "And the nice shiny party shorts are perfect for the summer night-outs. My personal go-to pick is my denim hot shorts. They look super chic when paired with oversized shirts and are super comfortable from day to night." Remember the Bermuda shorts that were a rage in the 90s? "This season the Bermuda shorts are back. But they are definitely not meant for all body types," warns Aakriti.

How to create a perfect ensemble

Shorts may have started off as the go-to casual outfit, but they are transcending that cast and making a great fit for other occasions too - depending on how you pair them. No matter how well fitting or cool your shorts are, a shoddy paring could mask its fit. At the same time, a great put-together ensemble can enhance a basic pair. Says Arpita, "If one is sporting a casual look, blindly wear white sneakers and a cami top. It makes for a super cool, laid back and relaxed look that's perfect for the summers. If one were wearing shorts to a formal event, pairing it with sky-high stilettos and a silk blouse tucked-in would make for a sharp and effective look."

Oversized shirts, bodysuits, crop top, bralettes and semi-formal blazers are some of the stops to consider to team up with a pair of shorts, adds Nikhil.


What, 'wear', how

For brunch: Pair a mid-thigh or short shorts, with fun floral print or geometric print, with a loose, relaxed top to add a fun bohemian feel to your look. Alternatively, try on a casual, oversized shirt and a belt bag.

For a night out: Opt for statement shorts preferably in metallic tones or textures. They could be high-waisted, boxy patterned and teamed with a bodysuit. Shorts with a tucked-in tank top and a pair of sneakers also work well. For a more feminine style, choose a ruffle blouse and pair it with your high-waisted dressy shorts and a pair of comfortable pumps.

For a formal event: Try a knee-length fitted shorts or boxy metallic ones with a lacy spaghetti top or bodysuit. Team it with a semi-formal blazer. Or you could pair your shorts with a nice feminine blouse and block heels.


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