Getting back on track

Getting back on track

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Getting back on track

Failing an exam is an ordeal which often makes a student feel helpless and depressed.
However, Education Boards in most states do help students get back on their academic track without a break in their studies through supplementary exams which are conducted right after the results are announced.

“Instead of going into a fit of depression and casting blame, students and parents need to remember that supplementary exams are especially there for those who have not fared well in their primary exams,” says Stephen Raj, a student counsellor.

“There is no need to panic. Avoid wallowing in disappointment and self-pity, take stock of the situation and keep a contingency plan ready. The focus of the plan should be to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and crack the supplementary exams. It’s never too late and you may well fare much better than if you had merely scraped through initially!” he adds.

So before the ink has even dried on the answer sheets, Metrolife takes a look at the reality of supplementary exams and how they hold out a beacon of hope for those who do not fare well in their primary exams.

Abdul Subhan, a degree student, says, “They are definitely a good option especially for those in the tenth grade and second PUC. They are well-timed and do help students avoid the loss of one year. For the last five years, they have been held in June and results are declared in time for new admissions.”

Abdul says, “I don’t believe that they are easier, although the valuation may be less stringent so that weaker students can get through.”

“Sometimes, the student performance is impaired because of circumstances beyond their control. It could be health related, stress at home or unforeseen circumstances. The most important thing is not to give up. They need to be realistic and understand that an alternative course of action can sometimes work out for the best in the long-term,” says Prof Susairaj who coaches supplementary students.

“I tell my students to  analyse the reasons for failure, draw constructive conclusions and avoid making the same mistakes again,” he says.

Pooja Thammaiah, a BBM student, feels,“I think it’s a great option for those who do not make it through the first time to get back on track without losing their momentum.”

Says Pooja, “Since supplementary exams are held right after the results are announced, there is no time wasted between taking the exams again and applying for new admissions.”

“Students who haven’t fared well for a variety of reasons get a chance to maybe even do
better than they otherwise would have,” she adds.

For details on supplementary exams, log on to the university website

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