Singles seek friendship, not sex

Singles seek friendship, not sex

The survey, by online dating website, revealed that friendship and chemistry came in as the top two most popular relationship ideals among all age groups, reports the “Sydney Morning Herald”.

Both genders placed friendship and chemistry as the two most important qualities, and while women placed more importance on kindness men did not. Partners’ ability to communicate is seen as more important by women than men, and men placed more importance on enjoying physical closeness than women.

Where quality in a partner was concerned, both genders listed ten most sought after qualities.

*Friendship between me and my partner
*Chemistry between me and my partner
*Enjoying the way I feel around my partner
*Having my partner be open with me about feelings
*My partner’s personality
*My partner's kindness
*Romantic attraction I feel for my partner
*Being able to easily talk about personal problems with my partner
*Enjoying physical closeness with my partner
*Being able to discuss with my partner how I am feeling towards him/her

They also listed the top five least important qualities.
*Knowing that my spouse is usually to blame when things go wrong
*Importance of match’s income
* Importance of match’s religion
*Importance of match’s education
*Importance of match’s height