Meaning of Ardhanareeshwara

Meaning of Ardhanareeshwara

‘Asuras’ can be likened to people who are in the upper kindergarten (they do not use their discrimination).  Human beings can be considered to be in the first standard (they have the capacity for discrimination). ‘Devas’ belong to the next (advanced) standard. All these three types of beings exist in Ashrams and the life of the Ashram is conditioned by them.

While travelling to Perur in Coimbatore in 2008, he remarked humorously: “I am used to the car that flies in the air and not to the ones on the ground. On the ground, I encounter too many obstacles including policemen, fines, traffic lights and so on. I do not however experience  any obstacles in the air!?” And later added on a more serious note: “Until 2009, not everybody will be able to see me. Only those afflicted by either Mars, Saturn or Rahu can come to me. Anybody afflicted by any of these three planets will be automatically drawn to Me. After 2009, I will be accessible to all.”

He used the break at Hosur as an opportunity to deliver extraordinary sermon: “Every person who performs good karmas is a ‘Rishi’. Each person in this world is associated with a Rishi. A householder has to perform six duties, (these include looking after parents, wife, children, job, karma and body), while the ‘sanyasi’ or the renunciate has only two duties. These include looking after his body and minding his duty.

The six senses have to be transcended to reach the Supreme Self. The body has seven yogic chakras and the seven Rishis represent each one of those chakras respectively. Ardhanareeshwara is nothing but a combination of Shiva and Vishnu. An avatar is an ardhanareeshwara. I am both male and female. The combination of Shiva and Vishnu together is the Dakshinamurthy roopam (form).

The avatar lies in the middle because He or She must know you both from the outside (mind) and the inside (body). I am feminine inside and masculine outside. I can understand and communicate to the male and female only when I am distanced from both and beyond both.

God’s Grace is akin to chandanam (sandalwood); He constantly radiates love and grace. The Guru corrects. You can experience God only through the Guru. The Guru makes you eat ‘shaani’ (cowdung), while God provides the fragrance of sandalwood. You will have to first consume the cowdung given by the Guru if you want to access the fragrance of sandalwood.