A cosmic trance

A cosmic trance


A cosmic trance

spinning around Nic Chagall

Metrolife speaks to Bossi to find out about their musical inspirations and their journey so far.

Nic and Bossi met by chance in 1998 at a label office in Cologne, Germany after which, they collaborated for the first time. Since then, the duo has been rocking the electronic music circuit worldwide. After performing in various countries, the duo is delighted to be performing in India for the first time. Exclaims Bossi, “This is the first time we are playing in India and we are really excited. We have heard that Indians love music and are totally into it.”

Not naming any artiste in particular, Bossi admits that many of their musical influences have been Indian. “We have heard Bollywood music as well,” he says. Speaking of influences, Bossi says life is full of inspirations. “Be it from the travelling we do or the music that we listen to, everything serves as an inspiration.” But he just cannot name one artiste, who has influenced the two of them. “It’s a wide range of artistes, not just from the field of electronic music, but classical music and jazz as well. But we are most inspired by the trance music of the 90s.”

Cosmic Gate has performed in over 200 countries. “It took us long to come to India,” laughs Bossi. Which has been their favourite country? “New Zealand,” he is quick to answer. When asked if there was any country where they would like to perform, Bossi says, “We’ve not performed in China so far and are looking forward to playing there in August.”

Bossi says the duo is “confidently touring”. “We are DJing every other weekend and during weekdays, we are in studio. You can call us workaholics,” he laughs. What do they do in their free time? “We like to do what most people do in their free time — spend time with our families and play a little bit of sport.”

Following their fourth studio album Sign of the Times in 2009, Cosmic Gate is all set to release their next album this year. After performing in India, Cosmic Gate will be playing in Mexico as well. “We don’t know much about Indian DJs so we are looking forward to playing and making contacts in India.” The duo will be performing at the E Zone, Marathahalli on May 9 at 5.30 pm.