It's all about healthy healing

It's all about healthy healing

Every evening at Kumara Park, a group of people meet and practice a set of five, simple exercises called as Falun Dafa, which has worked wonders for them. Described as an ancient holistic practice for a healthy body and a peaceful mind, Falun Dafa is based on three principles — Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.

This group was initiated by Chitra Devnani, who started practising it in 2001. “Since I was constantly suffering from a back problem, I was looking for alternate healing. I met a Falun Dafa practitioner from Singapore and began learning it as it just consisted of a few simple movements with music.” Slowly, Chitra achieved the change in her health that she always desired for. “I started reading more on it, and it really made feel like there is a path for every human being.”

Getting together with a group of friends, she started holding the Falun Dafa sessions at Kumara Park. Slowly, the group became bigger and bigger. “But the number of people coming everyday varies. Since the exercises can be easily practiced on one’s own after one or two classes, most people learn and practice them at home,” she says.

Says Chitra’s husband, who also practices Falun Dafa regularly, “It’s a complete cultivation practice of body, mind and soul,” and adds, “Health is just a by-product of it.” He feels these exercises help improve the blood circulation and really calm one down. “We have been keeping good health ever since we started practising it,” he says.
Chitra has even introduced this practice in many schools. “Even if the students practice one of these exercises after assembly, they have more energy and can concentrate better.” She explains that any discomfort in the body is due to the blockage of energy. “So these simple movements open up these blocks.”

Father Varkey Valiadeth is the principal of Jyothi English Medium School in Chintamani, a school where the students are made to practice Falun Dafa. “Though I had heard about these exercises before, I never took them seriously, till I met Chitra through a common friend,” says he. Being a practitioner of Falun Dafa himself, 65-year-old Varkey reveals that it’s been three years since he saw a doctor. “The students also respond to it really well. It brings about a positive impact on their discipline, performance and behaviour. And my school has had 100 per cent attendance as not even one student was found to be sick,” he beams. 18-year-old Amrita is one of the youngest persons to practice Falun Dafa. Being a student of Science at Mount Carmels College, Amrita has a hectic schedule.

Yet she manages to take time out for the exercises. She is out of words to describe the effect that they have had on her life. “It has been 50 days since I started practising it, and my experience has been amazing,” she gushes. “I do all the exercises whenever I can and read up on Falun Dafa as much as possible. At the age of 18, I understand the purpose of life and know the importance of physical, mental and spiritual well being.” She attends the evenings sessions at Kumara Park everyday without fail. “It feels wonderful to release all your inhibitions,” she feels. “I have become a much better person now and feel lucky to have found it.”

Anyone can join the Falun Dafa Club. The practitioners meet every evening at 5 pm at Kumara Park. Falun Dafa is also practiced in Indira Nagar and Cubbon Park at 6 am and 6.30 am respectively. For details, visit

Fact file

*  Founded by Master Li Hongzhi and introduced to the public in 1992, Falun Dafa is practiced by over 10 crore people in more than 180 countries.
*  It consists of three standing and two sitting exercises, which all the members say are enjoyable and easy to learn.
*  The two main books imparting the teachings of Falun Dafa are — Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun.