Army prepares for future conflict with largest summer wargame

Army prepares for future conflict with largest summer wargame

The elite 1 'Strike' Corps participated in the exercise named 'Yodha Shakti' that exhibited the resolve and the capability of the Indian Army to operate in most hostile weather conditions to achieve decisive victory for the nation, an Army spokesperson said in a press statement.

The final phase of the exercise was witnessed by Army Chief General V K Singh along with South Western Army Commander Lt Gen C K S Sabu, and a large number of senior officers of the Army and Air Force.

Army's Southern and Western Commanders and Western Air Command and South Western Air Command chiefs too were present on the occasion.

Corps Commander Lt Gen A K Singh briefed the Army Chief on the operational readiness, new concepts which were tried and the optimisation of force multipliers.

The Army Chief also interacted with the rank and file of the Strike Corps and expressed his appreciation on their high standard of professionalism, training and motivation.
'Yodha Shakti' fused the synergy of all arms and services of the Army and the land-air synergy between the Army and the Air Force essential for conducting mechanised predominant operations deep inside enemy territory.

"The operations were executed with overwhelming momentum and tempo. State-of-the-art technology provided the cutting edge. The induction of night vision capabilities in the mechanised forces enables a 24/7 dynamic operational capability," the spokesperson said.

The Army Chiefs and other senior officials also witnessed operational manoeuvres including the mechanised forces predominant attack, heliborne operations behind the 'enemy' lines, airborne drop by paratroopers and multiple manoeuvres by the mechanised forces and attack helicopters in the operational depth with intense synergy and integration between the Army and Air Force.

The aerial re-supply to the armoured division deep inside enemy territory provided it with requisite logistics surge capability for enhanced operational reach, the release said.
"As a reflection of the leadership ethos of the Indian Army, the para drop was led by Army Vice Chief Lt Gen P Bhardwaj, a highly experienced and decorated Para Officer," the spokesperson said.

The Army Chief expressed satisfaction at the meaningful training conducted to prepare for the future security challenges to the nation and complimented the operational readiness of the troops that will enable it to achieve a decisive victory in any future conflict, he added.