Consultancy firm ordered to pay up

Consultancy firm ordered to pay up

Consultancy firm ordered to pay up

The complainants are drivers by profession. The consultancy firm had advertised in a Mangalore newspaper edition inviting applications from qualified drivers to work abroad. They would be paid Rs 50,000 and given free accommodation, transportation, free vacations to visit their families back home and other perks, if selected. They would have to initially pay up Rs one lakh each for this. They appeared for the interview, were selected and paid up the money.

They were told that they would soon receive notification for leaving, and also handed in their passports to the firm.

Being poor, they borrowed money for this transaction. They also resigned from their jobs to take up the new one.

But they were never sent abroad and repeated requests to either fulfil their obligation or return the money, were ignored. Legal notices did not help.

They finally complained to the Forum and its president, B S Reddy has found the firm guilty of deficient service causing mental trauma and hardship, and has ordered it to repay Rs one lakh to each of them with interest at 12 per cent and compensation of Rs. 10,000 each within four weeks.


Sundara B M had booked a return ticket from Gonikoppalu to Bangalore from an authorized booking centre called Jishnu Enterprise for the Karnataka Sarige trip.
Armed with reserved tickets, he, his wife and children waited at Gonikoppalu bus stop from 10.15 pm to 12 pm in vain and had to catch another bus to reach their destination. Though the bus did come at 11 at the pick-up point they were dismayed to learn that there was no reservation made in their names.

They phoned up the concerned authorities who never answered the phone.
They  filed a complaint with the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Divisional Controller, Bangalore, claiming compensation for the nightmare trip when his wife and children endured an unsafe wait in an unknown place.

He complained to the Forum which has ordered KSRTC to refund the ticket money to the family along with Rs. 2,000 as compensation and Rs. 500 as costs.

Bad battery

Sowmya Sridhar had bought an inverter battery from U-Customer Solutions paying Rs. 25,000.

But its installation was faulty and it created a lot of problems for her as it did not function properly.

The IV Additional consumer forum has ordered the firm to refund the cost of the inverter to her with costs.

Doctors win cases

Komala Choudhury had complained against Srinivasa Cardiology Centre Pvt Ltd claiming that medical negligence had resulted in the death of her mother who was treated for heart disease with an ICD implantation.

But the Forum consulted the Jayadeva Hospital Superintendent and based on his opinion that the treatment given by the Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospsital Cardiologists was scientific and appropriate and there had been no medical negligence, the Forum dismissed the complaint.

Nalini Ramamurthy had complained of medical negligence against Dr Srinivasa Reddy claiming that his treatment of her husband, for stomach problems had resulted in his death due to an injection given to him.

She was unable to prove her case and the President, D Krishnappa of the IV Additional consumer forum dismissed her complaint, finding the doctor to be not guilty of negligence.

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