In a new avatar

In a new avatar

This is the first time she would be playing a negative role. Her earlier roles have all been positive and very chirpy. 

Preeta says, “This is the first time I would be playing  a negative role. Whenever I used to play positive roles, I had to cry. But now, I don’t even get a chance to cry, I have to make others weep!”

She adds, “When people see a negative character on television, they feel that the person will be the same in real life also.”

“I don’t want the audience to think that way about me. I am very different in real life, not at all like Batori,” Preeta says

“In fact, off screen, I am good friends with Jai and Jamunia. We share all our stuff with each other. My mother also asks me why I had to do a negative role. Surprisingly, it’s fun doing negative roles. I hope people will like this side of me,” she adds.