Mixing business with golf

Mixing business with golf

Tee Off

Mixing business with golf

Amidst the serene green settings of the Bangalore Golf Club, the CEOs, CXOs, CMOs, MDs and VPs of leading companies of the City took part in Green Tee 2010, a golf tournament organised by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC).

So the event saw corporates relax, enjoy some time of work and of course, strike deals on and off the course! Explained Raj Rajkumar, the chairman of the IACC, “One of the key things about this tournament is networking. The usual way of networking can get monotonous after a point of time. So we wanted to come up with a new format. Our unit in Pune had organised something similar.” He added, “It’s an aspirational game so more and more people are getting inclined towards it.”  Said Gurudutt, the Chief Financial Officer of Levis, “In a tournament like this, one gets to see a mix of profiles. There is so much of diversity in profiles.”

One could spot the business tycoons taking a break and enjoying a sumptuous brunch. Three such people were Sreenivas Murthy, the Managing Director of Adwit (India) Pvt Ltd; Vijay Ravindranath, Chief Research Officer of Ecoforge Advisors Pvt Ltd and Harish Shetty, the Managing Director of Binary Systems.

Said Sreenivas Murthy, “I have been playing well. It’s a very well-organised event and I liked the personalised invites a lot.” He joked, “They should have had a trophy in the shape of the Empire State Building as the prize.” While Harish Shetty was impressed with the involvement of the people around. Vijay Ravindranath noted, “The arrangements are fabulous and the hospitality has been warm. There is nothing like enjoying a good game of golf.”

The event had its share of women corporates playing golf as well. Shilpi Patel, the director of Equipment and Shares, described herself as a “golf addict”. “This tournament is very different from the others as it gives one a platform to network,” she said. Explained Sumit Rathor, the Managing Director of Rathor Designs Limited, “It’s a very different kind of gathering. It basically consists of people who have Indian companies in the USA.”

Speaking of the game, Krishna Prasad, a member of the club said, “The rules of the game are strict and you should be very accurate about where you hit.” To sum it all, it seemed like it was one day that the businessmen completely let go of their suits and air-conditioned offices to get down on the golf course and play their favourite game.