Slaughter of pigs in residential area irks citizens

Slaughter of pigs in residential area irks citizens

The residents have alleged that Venkatesh, who works at the CMC, obtained licence for setting up a poultry but is instead rearing pigs in the residential area.

“As a result, the standard of hygiene is the surrounding areas is abysmal. Pigs are slaughtered by the side of the road and the carcasses are burnt in a pit nearby,” the residents said.

In addition to this, the residents complained that they were threatened of dire consequences every time they objected to the slaughter of pigs and sale of pork in the residential area.

“Despite repeated complaints, the CMC, which is responsible for initiating action, is supporting them,” they alleged.

The residents have now appealed to the Health Department, Pollution Control Board and the Police Department to look into the problem and have also urged the DC and DySP to visit the area.