Ministries to score zero if performance below 60 per cent

Ministries to score zero if performance below 60 per cent

Under the system, ministers will set the goals for their departments for the year. The Minister in charge will also decide the priority among the departmental objectives. They will also approve the activities and schemes for the ministry and departments to achieve the targets.

The ministers will also approve the corresponding success indicators (Key Result Areas – KRAs or Key Performance Indicators – KPIs) and time bound targets to measure progress in achieving these objectives.The results achieved by the department will be evaluated against the goals set by the minister which will be reviewed by a high powered committee of secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary.

The exercise will culminate on May 1 every year with the preparation of a score card based on achievements against goals which will be presented to the Prime Minister.
As per the documents outline, targets will be presented with the five point scale with 100 per cent as Excellent and 60 per cent as poor.

"It is expected that budgetary target would be placed at 90 per cent. For any performance below 60 per cent, the department would get a zero," guidelines for the Result Framework Document said.

At the end of the year, achievements of the government department will be looked and compared with the targets set by the minister. After detailed statistical analysis of results presented by the ministry or department, a composite score will be calculated.
"The composite score will reflect the degree to which the department was able to achieve the promised results," the documents accessed by activist S C Agrawal in an RTI reply said.