Today's letters

Today's letters

Revamp of BCCI needed
Sir, After the disgraceful exit of India from the T-20 world cup every one is now busy trying to find the reasons, which are obvious to any one with minimal intelligence! Winning or losing is part and parcel of sports and normally should not be taken too seriously as though it is a national shame. But the way our Indian cricket management has been functioning and the total lack of application and intensity displayed by our over hyped cricketers, it certainly calls for serious introspection and a major overhaul. It was too cheeky of Dhoni to blame the IPL parties and not the IPL itself. It is understandable as no one wants to give away easy money.

 It was quite clear that after two months of continuous participation in IPL the players were totally jaded and hardly anyone in the team was in a position to give the best for the country. . No doubt IPL gives opportunity to a lot of youngsters to play alongside the stalwarts from all countries and considerable chance to earn a lot of money. In that case the contracted players of BCCI should have been be barred from participating on the same lines as those who played in the the now defunct rebel ICL, for the players to concentrate on national duties. Even if IPL is to be allowed the format should be drastically changed on the lines of world cup tie, all teams playing in neutral grounds, participation of Indian players limited to exclude those selected to represent India.
It is time the government intervenes to impose restrictions making BCCI a professional body weeding away the politicians and businessmen and  allows experts to take over.

H.R.Bapu Somasekhar

Issue  fatwas against social evils not women
Sir, Darul-Uloom of Deoband has issued another fatwa banning women in work, women’s interaction with men in places of work, woman’s income, etc. Many Islamic clerics have condemned this fatwa. Research scholars have pointed out the high status of women during the life time of the Prophet and the Caliphs.

Darul-Uloom is mis-interpreting the shariah to suit its outdated mindset. It is better if fatwas are issued against dowry, liquor, illiteracy, corruption, accumulation of illegal wealth, etc. Fatwas are not binding. They are the nature of advice from elders. We need advice, no matter from which corner it comes. Fatwas should not be debatable and controversial. Let fatwas remind us about the sayings and teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed.

Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan
Ganganahalli Extn.

TRAI move justified
This refers to ‘GSM players cry foul over Trai spectrum move’ (DH, May 13). Why are the GSM players making such a fuss? There is nothing wrong in shelling out extra money for the extra spectrum that they are having, indeed these are additional frequencies that the GSM players have got and they have remained unused for years. 2G spectrum was sold at a throw away price on a First come first serve basis. Spectrum is a scarce resource and should be utilized with utmost care.

R K Karanth

Cameron’s victory  a positive sign
 For the first time since World War II, the British Government is going to be a coalition with the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party joining forces. Mr Cameron  is the youngest Prime Minister that Britain has had in 200 years. And it must be said that the credit for getting the Conservatives back to power — and thereby ending 13 consecutive years of Labour rule — goes largely to him. Though little is known about Mr Cameron’s foreign policy it is encouraging that he has promised to forge a "new special relationship with India" and even support New Delhi’s bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. He has even described India as a stable force in an unstable region of the world. Now only time will tell if the new British Prime Minister will be able to translate this optimism into policy.

J S Acharya
Tarnaka, Hyderabad

Judgement on Nithari  Killings
The CBI special judge A.K. Singh has paid back in the same coin to Surender Koli in his judgment awarding death sentence for the rape and murder of 7-year old Arti from Noida’s Nithari village.  Tooth-for-tooth and limb-for-limb policy is the only weapon to instill a sense of fear in the mind of criminals who play with innocent lives.The court has given what the assassin deserved.   But the governmental machinery should be swift enough to implement the court order without giving room for public comments like in the case of Afzal Guru and 29 others.

K.V. Seetharamaiah

Caste census inequitable
Apropos  your editorial ‘Caste aside’ (DH.12/05/2010).As the guardian of the constitution the Apex court should not have allowed the caste-based census which negates the very concept of  ‘egalitarian society'. The premise that the headcount , updated figures on caste will facilitate to fix ‘reservation  ratios ‘ proportion to the current demography  cannot  be accepted. Assuming the percentage of population of the STs, SCs and OBCs has goneup, will it be possible to increase correspondingly the ‘percentage of reservation contravening the Art. 16(4) which is emphatic that ‘reservation  contemplated  should not exceed  50% ?. In fact the Apex court has opined in the Indra Sawhney's case, that there is an integral connection between caste, occupation, poverty , place of residence and social  status to determine  backwardness.  Any excessive , extravagant reservation beyond the permissible and legitimate limits under Art.16(4) would be liable to   be challenged as  a fraud on the constitution. Considering the above points  the  caste-based census is  inequitable.

A.Seshagiri Rao