PFI seeks ban on Sri Ram Sene, Muthalik's arrest

PFI seeks ban on Sri Ram Sene, Muthalik's arrest

Addressing the gathering, PFI State Committee Member Abdul Razak Kemral said that the real face of Pramod Mutalik has been uncovered through the sting operations of visual media. The episode has brought to light the fact that such organisations pose threat to the security and harmony of nation, he added.

“Hindus should agitate against Mutalik for using God’s name for his organisation. Let him change his organisation’s name as ‘Goonda Sene’ instead of Sri Rama Sene,” he said.

Mutalik had made similar communally provocative statements on several occasions. “Mutalik had asked women to take arms and fight. He declared that his organisation has a trained suicide squad consisting of about 900 men to fight against minority in the State. He even justified attacks on churches, moral police attacks and pub attack in Mangalore,” he said adding that Mutalik should be put behind bars immediately.

PFI Sullia unit President Shafi Bellare said that the investigating agency should interrogate Mutalik thoroughly so that more links to underworld and terrorist activities will be brought to light. “Those perpetrators like Pramod Mutalik and Prasad Attavar, who are engaged in anti-national activities, should be arrested as terrorists and their organisation should be listed as a terrorist organisation,” he added.

The protestors submitted a memorandum to the Home Minister through the Deputy Commissioner. PFI District President Anwar Sadath, Leader Mohammed Hanif and others were present.