Move aside under-table dealings; agents are in

Move aside under-table dealings; agents are in

Methods of corruption and ways of spending the ill-gotten wealth has changed over a period of time.

The trend now is to employ agents, who will handle all the money earned through corruption or tax evasion without his client actually seeing or touching the money that he or she has got, official sources said.

The advantage of this system is that investigation agencies cannot prove that money belonged to corrupt official.

The entire modus operandi works through a mobile phone and a code which is shared between the agent and the client.

The self-proclaimed agents will handle all the investments and financial needs of his client that might arise from time to time including collection of such money.

For example, if a client's family is going abroad, all he has to do is dial the given number and give his orders.

The money will reach the place within the time decided by the client. The money given is deducted from the client's account.

Similarly, if the client wants a new state of the art home theatre system in his house, the agent would buy it and deliver the same, of course after deducting the price of the gadget.

The latest case of such a set-up came forward with the arrest a government official on charges of bribery here. Probe revealed that the his alleged ill-gotten money was being handled by someone else.

Interestingly, in the infamous Ghaziabad PF scam, Ashutosh Asthana, the main accused who is now dead, is said to have delivered mobile phones and household equipment to certain individuals from the about Rs 23 crore allegedly siphoned out the PF accounts of class III and IV employees of the Ghaziabad district court.

In one of the CBI cases, the agency is trying to figure out the source of income of an airhostess who is alleged to have properties, cash and jwellery worth several crores in her name, which is much beyond her known source of income.

"The whole game changes. Now you don't have to even see or touch the money. Someone will accept it for you and a confirmation code will be given," a source said.