Behind the success

Behind the success

SSLC toppers

Apoorva J
A V Education Society
Marks scored: 619

Apoorva J is a bundle of confidence. Understandably so. For she believes that life’s a puzzle that can be solved after all. It’s not just academics, she sits down to solve Kannada crossword puzzles in her free time. And mind you, she’s no Kannada scholar. 

Pursuit of excellence is what Apoorva strives for in whatever she may be doing. She stood first in her school A V Education Society. And no she didn’t spend hours on end before the book. No dark circles, sleepless nights and above all no fears. And the upcoming star’s biggest asset is she does not wear her hard work on her sleeves.

Apoorva says she didn’t draw up a schedule for the week. “I wouldn’t stir out before I completed the day’s task. I’d complete my class work and revise it on a day-to-day basis. I wouldn’t leave anything for the last minute. I am not superstitious or anything I believed in myself and that was enough for me,” Apoorva says.

Apoorva has no particular teacher to thank but says in one breath that all her teachers were just as cooperative and encouraging. She just can’t think of singling out one person. Her parents seemed to overflow with excitement and can’t stop thanking people enough.

“I am so proud of our daughter. We have never pressurised her but her results were stunning,” her  father Jagadeesh B, says. Apoorva is no geek. She hangs out with her friends and doesn’t miss any of Hrithik Roshan’s films. “I’d like to watch movies that have a soul and come with a solid message. 3 idiots was one such movie I enjoyed,” she says.

Apoorva has pinned her dreams on doing IAS. “If I can do something useful with my power then I would do that. The poor need to be empowered,” she says.

Akshatha R
Sudarshan Vidya Mandir
Marks scored: 608

Akshatha R of Sudarshan Vidya Mandir, a three-time scholarship awardee from her school, has never gone in for any kind of extra coaching. She made notes all on her own and relied on lessons taught in class. “She’s been independent right from the start. I’ve never had to sit beside her and tutor her. I would say it is her hard work and dedication that has brought her thus far,” says Sashirekha, her mother.

Akshatha has learnt classical music. Reading, mostly fiction, excites her. Akshatha says she doesn’t spend more than two hours a day before the books but one thing that she meticulously did was to complete the day-to-day class work and revise and re-revise during her exams.

She’s an IIM aspirant and will soon scout out for institutes that offer coaching in this regard. CA is just another profession that she would love to take up. “I would like to study here in India because I believe that we have the best education possible. I am also keen on working here in this country,” she says.

Even Akshatha has no one person to thank among her faculty members but says her teachers and principal have played a decisive role in moulding her educational path.