The sun sets on Job Oriented Course

The sun sets on Job Oriented Course

Legal and technical problems compel withdrawal of hugely popular discipline

The Under Secretary of Department of Education has issued a circular to Deputy Directors of PU and Vocational Education (dated May 7, 2010, number ED29TVE2010) not to admit students to JOC for the academic year 2010-11. Owing to legal and technical problems in regularising the service of lecturers serving at JOC colleges, Government has decided to withdraw the course and accommodate the teaching faculty at other departments.

JOC was a cleverly worked out synergy of PUC and polytechnic course considering the needs of the industry and the growing economy. Students can opt for 919 courses in 29 trades like electrical, mechanical, banking and trade, insurance, library science, automobile, electronics among others here. The course was considered as a gateway for employment and a qualification equivalent to PUC for those interested to join degree courses. Every year, 35,000 students pass out of 531 JOC colleges in the State.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Suresh who teaches automobile engineering at JOC College managed by DVS Institute in the city said students who pursue JOC are flexible and can fit into any type of role offered for them. JOC candidates can be employed for blue collar jobs in industries which may not be to the liking of students of polytechnic or other technical courses. JOC was an answer for the problem of paucity of skilled labour, he said.

The fee structure for JOC was affordable for students from all income groups. When the issues like adopting inclusive approach towards education to provide easy access to learning and offering vocational training for students are intensely debated, it is unfortunate that Government has decided to withdraw JOC course, he stated.

According to existing rules, the service of 3,746 lecturers working on honourary basis at JOC colleges cannot be regularised as there are no sanctioned posts.

The Government has decided to absorb these lecturers into public instruction, technical education, public libraries and other departments after closing down JOC colleges. There is lack of clarity on the process of regularising the service of lecturers also.