Tarikere and 'goli soda' bond

Tarikere and 'goli soda' bond

Goli soda prepared out of carbon dioxide, water and essence is available in two varieties- sweet and plain. The beverage that was available for five paise ‘once upon a time’ now costs Rs 3.

Gatti Chandrashekhar, son of Gatyappa is into the goli soda business even today. He prepares and supplies soda in his home-cum-shop on M G Road, to a variety the customers and other shop owners demand.

The soda prepared using carbon dioxide is a fitting medicine for digestion-related problems. According to Chandrashekhar, goli soda mixed with lemon, pepper powder and ginger is the best solution for throat pain, cold, cough, etc.

He was selling around 500 bottles of soda a day earlier, but now due to the entry of modern beverages, his business has been curtailed to 100 bottles. He is unable to prepare more bottles due to labour shortage and non-availability of distributors.

He said the administration has banned goli soda in the city area as a precautionary measure against the riots where people use the bottles to assault somebody!

Chandrashekhar who need to pay Rs 3,000 for 75 empty bottles and Rs 350 for an LPG cylinder is doubtful of continuing one of the famous traditional business in the days to come.