BMTC bus crushes flower vendor at RPC Layout

The accident occurred when the bus driver Satish Babu was reversing the vehicle, police said. Puttamma was staying at railway parallel line. Due to financial constraints she was forced to sell flowers to earn a livelihood.

The bus driver, Satish was later arrested.
Hundreds of residents gathered at the spot soon after the accident. They expressed displeasure over the rising accidents involving BMTC buses in the City and demanded stern action against the erring drivers. Nearly 10 accidents caused by BMTC buses were reported in 2009. Most of the guilty BMTC drivers were found to have driven in a rash and negligent manner, posing a serious hazard and threat to the lives of motorists and pedestrians. Overspeeding was also another reason cited for the mishaps.


A ‘domestic inquiry’ will be ordered wherein a panel of retired district judges, who constitute post-accident team, probe the issue in detail. The police report, driver’s version and eye-witness accounts are investigated. It takes anywhere between three to six months for the completion of investigation.

This will lead to disciplinary action which depends on the gravity of the situation. The final punishment is permanent dismissal/suspension from service. In some cases, salary is cut if driver is partially responsible.

Only 20 per cent of drivers are found guilty/responsible in all accident related incidents that involve its buses. BMTC has dismissed 38 drivers from service, for rash driving in the last two years alone.
DH News Service

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