Towards a higher goal

Towards a higher goal

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Towards a higher goal


“In schools or colleges, there are a huge number of students in a class and not all of them are able to grasp everything. That’s where tuitions or coaching classes come in handy. Joining them from the beginning of the academic year helps one become accustomed to the teaching methods. You can also clear your doubts more easily in a coaching class. Then again, if there are too many people in a tuition, it does prove to be a disadvantage because there will be no difference between a coaching class and a regular class.”

Anujesh, Student 

“When in school, coaching classes aren’t all that important, but before going to a professional course, they do help one revise and give that extra push towards your goal. Not all colleges provide good coaching and lack the quality teachers that these coaching centres have. But there are some bad centres as well so one must first do their research on the centre before joining.”

Vinay, Student

“More than coaching centres, crash courses that manage to finish the entire portions in a small amount of time are much more helpful when preparing for examinations. They are not as straining as a coaching class and also help clear last minute doubts.”

Varsha, Student

“A lot depends on the student. If students can put in two to three hours of sincere studying, they will not need coaching classes. It can be very straining for a student to handle both regular and coaching classes. One will not have time for any other activity which can leave one exhausted.”

Rohit , Student
“Coaching classes are a real boon for shy students. Many a time, students are shy to get all their doubts cleared. But in these special classes consisting of a minimum number of people, one gets an opportunity to speak up.”