Aamir attends his man Friday's wedding

Aamir attends his man Friday's wedding

Aamir attends his man Friday's wedding

The actor cancelled all his commercial shoots and other professional commitments yesterday so that he could go to Bengaluru to attend his man Friday Sachin Gowda's wedding.

Sachin, who stays four hours away from Bangalore, has been working with Aamir for the past ten years and the actor-filmmaker attended the wedding with wife Kiran Rao.

"This entire week was kept aside for Aamir to finish shooting some commercials. But he suddenly had to cancel all his work commitments as he heard of Sachin's marriage. The wedding date got finalised just a week ago so Aamir decided to cancel all his shoots and attend the marriage," sources close to the actor said.

Aamir was keen to attend the two-day wedding celebrations despite his pre-planned work schedule as he considers Sachin to be a part of his family. The actor immediately contacted ad filmmakers to cancel his shoots.

"It was just a three to four hour shoot for the patchwork shoot of a commercial which could also be done at a later date. Aamir's other commitment was a look test for another ad. Both these appointments have been put on hold for two days and didn't really create much of a problem for the ad makers," sources said.

"Yesterday a ceremony was held at Sachin's house and today there is a ceremony at the bride's house. Sachin was particularly surprised to see Aamir at his wedding as he was aware of the actor's professional commitments this week," sources said.

Aamir, whose last two films 'Ghajini' and '3 Idiots' smashed all box office records, has decided to take a break from acting for a year and concentrate on his two home productions 'Peepli Live' and 'Delhi Belly' which are expected to be released soon.