Hindus raise fund for 'nikah'

Hindus raise fund for 'nikah'

Perfect harmony

The “nikah” (Muslim marriage) was solemnised in accordance with the “sharia” (Islamic law) on Sunday in the presence of a large number of people.

Hundreds of people from the Sunhera village and nearby areas became emotional, when Asma, attired in a colourful bridal dress, bid them adieu before leaving for her in-laws’ house.Village pradhan Mahipal Singh, who was instrumental in raising funds for the marriage, said Asma’s father Aziz had died in an accident, when she was only six years old. Asma’s mother Mehrunnisha did odd jobs to raise her four children. The family is Singh’s  neighbour.

“My family had taken a decision after the death of Asma’s father that we will bear the expenses of her marriage” Singh, who had lent all possible help to the family of Mehrunnisha, said.

“I have no daughter and I consider Asma as my own daughter.” the village pradhan added. The responsibility of finding  a groom for Asma was given to the elders in the village. “We only wanted a boy, who was self-dependent and could take good care of Asma,” Singh said.
On Sunday, when Mushtaq, a resident of Khekra in the same district, arrived with the “barat” for the “nikah,” people from even nearby villages started pouring  into Sunhera.
Everyone wanted to be a part of the wedding ceremony, which symbolised communal harmony, said Singh.

Overwhelmed with the love and affection showered by Singh’s family and other Hindus in the village, Asma said she would never forget them.
Asma, who is a devout Muslim and offers “namaz” (prayers) five times a day, also chants  the “gayatri mantra” every day. She  celebrates Hindu festivals as well, Singh said.