Team Moksha all ready with their robot

Team Moksha all ready with their robot


Team Moksha all ready with their robot

The students have designed an egg-shaped robot, mounted on a vehicle and capable of panning up to 190 degrees without any hindrance.  The contest, the Intelliget Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) is to be held from June 4 to 7.

The objective is to navigate through a prescribed path autonomously. The robot has a LIDAR sensor, which the students obtained from Leuze Electronic, Germany, for Rs 3.5 lakh, a FireWire camera, a Garmin GPS device, Motor Controller, four DC motors and four 7:1 reduction gear boxes.

The processing of the data from the LIDAR, the Camera, and the GPS on board is done by an on-board laptop, which in turn is connected to a microcontroller called Arduino. The microcontroller is used to send signals to the Motor Controllers to give the motors the required power. Each motor can take maximum power of 51Amps. “We are using 12V batteries and the amount of power used will be much lesser. We use solar panels to charge the batteries to go the green way,”  explained the students.

“Our egg shaped design is extremely helpful as it brings the center of gravity of the vehicle very low,” said the students, who put in six months’ hard work on the project. “We have had an extremely difficult time spending sleepless nights over it. We have had to do everything from scratch right from getting funding.”

The students working on the project are Vineet Sahu (Team Leader), Shekar N H,  Praveen Pitchai, Mohit Sain Mathur, Rohan Pradip Shah, Nakul Shetty, and Nikhil Acharya.

Hybrid Pedal Car

In another streak of innovation, a team of students from the City Engineering college students have created a unique two-seater 'Hybrid Pedal car' which can be used to travel up to five km.  

With the guidance of Prof N S Prasad, Gino Jackob N, Mohammed Akhil Afaq, Mohammed Pervez, Mohammed Isabel  from City Engineering College have built this vehicle.

Limca book of records

Narasimharaju a Mechanical Engineer recently entered the Limca Book of Records for inventing a two-seater car with single door.  The car weighing 150 kg can travel with a highest speed of 60 kmph and can give a mileage of 60 kmph.  The car is built with 4X8X4 feet, 175 CC, four stroke petrol engine which can also be run with CNG battery.

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