Putting in their best

Putting in their best

Exam fever

Putting in their best

These days, almost all the engineering colleges, wear a deserted look because of impending semester exams. As the students are engrossed in studies, the classrooms remain vacant.Final year students will have their exams from May 26 and the remaining semester exams will follow after a fortnight. Whether it is at home or in the hostel, a curfew like situation prevails everywhere.

Santosh R, an eighth semester student of BMS College of Engineering, is quite serious about the exams but he doesn’t have any parental pressure. He has finished his portion and is presently revising the syllabus. He spends nearly 8 hours in a day studying.

“Whenever I have doubts and questions, my friends and I come together and find a solution.  Otherwise, I prefer to study alone. I’ve gone through old question papers for reference purpose only,” he says. However, Santosh continues to play football every day to refresh himself.

Abhishek B U, a fourth semester student of Electronics and Communication in Don Bosco Institute of Technology is busy preparing for exams which will commence from June 17. As there is still some time left, he continues to lead a normal life. He likes to study alone. “If we friends come together, we won’t study. There will be a lot of disturbance. I clarify my doubts with my room-mates who are final year students,” he says.

Most of the Telecom and Electronics students feel that Multimedia Communication is the toughest paper. “The text book is voluminous and it’s difficult to remember all the technical terms,” says Sampanna Hegde of RV College of Engineering, who started his preparations only last week. He thinks library is the best place to study. “Exam mood prevails everywhere. The hostel corridors are quiet and merry-making activities have reduced,” he beams. The sixth semester students still have some time for their exams to start. “As of now, I’m doing group studies and  have been dedicating only two hours in a day. Once I complete the entire portion with friends, I can comfortably study on my own at home without any confusion. My preparations will become intense a week before the exam,” says Vidhyadhar, a sixth semester student of Electrical and Electronics department of BNMIT College.

Now is also the time to collect notes and sort out confusions. “Thanks to our lecturers I have enough material to read and have also bought a set of notes from a shop in Malleswaram. Whenever I encounter problems, I take the help of my professors,” says Anirudh, another sixth semester student of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering.

Vivek Patel, a student of Computer Science at New Horizon College of Engineering says that he studied tougher portions first to score better in the exams. “System simulation was slightly difficult than other subjects. So, as per the suggestion of my professors, I have read books by foreign authors which have been useful in understanding the concept,” he explains.