A dose of positive energy

A dose of positive energy

In Fengshui, every physical object around us produces a corresponding effect, either good or bad. The smallest change in the arrangement of these objects can spell the difference between success and failure, between a bustling business and a doomed enterprise, between a happy marriage and one riddled with irritants, between long life and bad health.

Fengshui literally means wind and water. Wind represents the unseen in our lives and water represents the seen. A gentle breeze or a meandering stream symbolises the ideal flow of chi or energy in our environments.

Too little flow and air is stifling and water becomes stagnant. In other words, things are stuck. If chi is moving too fast, a hurricane or flood can result and everything goes rushing by us. In order to be balanced, and be along with the flow and become prosperous, the flow of chi in our surroundings should be in harmony.

The first step toward prosperity is to get the stuck chi (energy) within us and around us flowing again.

The main cause of being stuck is clutter. Clutter includes piling up things you no longer need, use, or love, anything in disrepair, unfinished projects; and dirty stuff. All of these things distract you at the subconscious level as it takes energy to manage all that stuff.

Clear that clutter, look carefully at items given to you by someone who didn’t want them anymore - they carry with them the energy of the previous owner and the circumstances under which the items were given to you (divorce, etc.). Take them away. By donating unwanted items to a worthy cause, you feel good and in the process are starting that flow of prosperity moving. As you clear the clutter, do so with the conscious intention that you are doing so to make room for the new in your life, to make room for desired prosperity.

One of the most important sectors of your home is the ‘prosperity sector’ which can be identified on the basis of your building orientation, main door and living room direction.
A very effective cure to enhance prosperity in Fengshui is the use of moving water. Water and fish are linked to prosperity in Fengshui and therefore, placing an aquarium in the prosperity corner would activate the good Fengshui of your home. The element associated with this sector is wood, so making this a good place for a healthy plant, especially one with rounded (avoid pointed) leaves would be quite good.

You could also use a painting of a prosperous looking scene, or something else that has meaning in your life. When you enhance this area with whatever you choose, do so with the conscious intention that you are doing so to bring more prosperity to your life.

If your house or office is missing out one or more corners, pay attention to those areas and correct them, lest they turn out to be your prosperity or relationship corner.

(The author is a Fengshui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner) He may be contact at consultation@fengshuiserver.com