Different faces of art


Different faces of art

Faces leave a lasting impression on our minds. A face is said to be the index of soul.
Perhaps that's why Roopa Thakkar’s painting’s central theme is faces and their depiction in different colours and moods. The painting exhibition is on till June 10 at the Renaissance Gallerie.

Roopa surprisingly does not have any formal education in painting, but has more than 200 paintings which have been exhibited in Belgaum, Hubli and Mumbai.

Using mostly dark colours with a strong definition, Roopa’s art portrayal is raw and unpolished, yet deeply aesthetic. At the first glance itself, the art breaks certain barriers in the minds, and it is then that you look for the deeper message that is being portrayed through the art.

The faces in the art cover the whole spectrum of emotions, ranging from wide eyed innocence to passionate eroticism.

The art’s uniqueness lies in its sincerity and in its portrayal of life, just by the mere observation of a face. Every face has a story to tell. Although art is mostly abstract, there is something deeply elemental about the images, and by the time you walk out of the gallery, you feel you have been introduced to different faces of yourself, which in a way integrates your mind and all its loose ends.

And you find yourself lost in the realm, where the artist, art and the audience are one.
The colours and the brush strokes are deft and defining, and blend into scenery effortlessly. There are other images as well that do not portray the faces. 

But the execution of the portrayal is so clever, that the face associated with the images clearly pop into the mind while looking at the paintings. More than the art itself, it is the experience of deeper reflection that makes an abstract art special, and that aspect is brought out in Roopa’s canvases with immense elan.

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