Groping in the dark underworld

The movie has a bunch of newcomers, including the lead-pair Jitesh and Padma, who should have thought a thousand times over before picking it up to launch their career. “Kadak” is strong just in its title; its storyline and even the songs are weak and based on the beaten formula of good vs bad, in the backdrop of the underworld. Jitesh does a fairly good job as hero.

He is the good guy, who with the support of his family, especially his lawyer-brother (played by Jai Jagdish), bashes up the goons. Padma, in her maiden venture, is not shy of the camera, and has come out with a good performance. The baddies in the movies, some of whom are newcomers, have also done well. That is all the movie has.

The plot is with twists and turns and to a large extent vague. Why the hero takes to underworld is never explained throughout the movie. The second half is a bit of a tear-jerker, about how the hero wins back his lady love. It has a few songs, and one can easily make out they are all shot in the same location.

“Kadak” is the 37th movie of Director G K Mudduraj, but looks like he is directing his first movie. The producer is Devaraj. The movie opens with the hero counselling his nephew and niece against watching an underworld movie on TV. Those wanting to watch “Kadak” may also follow his advice.