'I don't overeat'

'I don't overeat'

My favourites

'I don't overeat'

She particularly enjoys essaying roles that portray women in good light. “Women-oriented subjects, one that’s similar to Devdas or even Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, which are lighted-hearted and wield clout, interest me,” she reasons. But one has seen Meena in films that’s steeped in family drama and she’s best known for her romantic roles.

Meena has simple tastes when it comes to food and enjoys travelling either on work or on a holiday. Metrolife asked Meena to pick a few of her favourite things.

Diet mantra

I was never serious about my diet but I try to restrict myself from too many sweets and also make sure I don’t overeat.

Food to savour

I gorge on seafood and just can’t resist chicken biryani. But there’s is nothing to beat home-made food. I wouldn’t mind exploring Thai, Chinese and Italian dishes.

Exercise regime

I used to follow a strict exercise regime. I get on the treadmill, workout on the abs a little but nothing too heavy.

Gadget freak

I am not a gadget person but I like phones that are user-friendly, stylish and less complicated. 

Weekend rules

Relaxing at home, shopping and hitting the spa whenever I am tired.

Making a splash

Be comfortable and confident. I don’t believe in wearing something just because it’s in fashion. You have to feel good in it.

Vacation spots and travel

Love travelling to exotic places. The beaches, mountains and anything lush green beckon me. 

Books to browse

Just about anything in fiction, nothing too serious. Mystery, thrillers and romance in particular interest me.

Actors I admire

Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Among actresses Madhuri Dixit is a favourite. 

Movie to watch

Romantic comedy. Anything light-hearted.

Choice of music bands

I find music bands a wee bit too noisy. I listen to anything that is soothing and melodious.

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