Woman run over by dozen vehicles in Delhi

Woman run over by dozen vehicles in Delhi

The incident occurred at Rajouri Garden on Saturday night and the body was spotted by a pedestrian who informed the police around 10 pm, a senior police official said. Police believe that about a dozen vehicles could have ran over her after she was hit by one.

According to the official, the body was badly mutilated and bore more than 65 injuries. Her body parts were scattered around and the victim was identified as a woman after spotting her anklet, the official said.

“It was very difficult to recognise her face. It seems as if she was hit by a vehicle and then run over by other vehicles who did not spot the body. We had to use a shovel to pick the body parts,” the official said.

The official said nobody spotted the body and they believe it lied there for about at least an hour without notice.The body has been taken to a mortuary and a “hue-and-cry” notice has been issued, the official said.

A case of death due to negligence has been registered against unknown people.