Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Best friends since their childhood days Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway), are always there for each other until their childhood dreams of a June marriage at New York’s most sought after wedding  place — the Plaza Hotel — comes to a reality.

A silly wedding planner secretary’s mistake and they are left with just one date. Will they marry on the same day? No! Both girls want the day to be their most important day and the other to be her bride’s maid.

So with the hope that ‘one of each other’ would change her date in the weeks before sending out their invitations. But this time Emma, who most of the time has been living under the shadow of Liv won’t budge; neither does Liv.

What follows is a series of planting pranks by both the brides-to-be, to let the other cancel her date. The plot is silly, but the script somehow puts in some funny stuff every now and then to keep the film afloat.

Superb acting from both Anne Hathaway (‘Princess Diaries’) and Kate Hudson (‘Almost Famous’) comes in handy, especially when the second half of the film crumbles. Candice Bergen with her narration and as a top wedding planner is also true to her role  and sophisticated as ever.

‘Bride Wars’ is a typical cheesy-chick film with a bit of lessons on the unbreakable bond of friendship some people are destined to share.

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