Kal Kissne Dekha

Village boy Jackky Bhagnani goes to the city to study, but finds himself either on the dance floor or on the bike as producer-father Vashu Bhagnani decided to show the world what a hero material he has got at home.

Jr Bhagnani dances and sings, fights midair, hangs from a cliff, jumps from a bike, and ahem, sees the future too. He is a man with a vision! He can ‘predict’ whether it’s going to be heads or tails on a coin! And the whole college goes wow at this ‘achievement’. Wait, he gets more serious ‘visions’ too. He knows where a bomb is planted and when his bimbo girlfriend (Vyshali Desai, strictly showpiece) will fall into water.

Enter physics professor Rishi Kapoor who is impressed with Jackky’s take on Newton and the poor old apple. The two team up and make some earth-shattering discoveries that form the rest of the headache called Kal Kissne Dekha.

Even in the midst of a kidnap drama, Jackky pauses to peer into the future, and his romantic visions turn into songs shot abroad. Stunning visuals, but shocking cinema.

Vashu Bhagnani lavishes crores of money on overseas outings. Wish he diverted a small fund to the story.

There are many ‘special appearances’ too — Juhi Chawla in a shopping mall, Sanjay Dutt hiding under a hat and a lovely Farida Jalal lying unconscious in a kitchen.
As a doomsayer, Jackky is a flop. He failed to predict this disaster, after all.

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