FIA, teams in combat mode

While stepping back from the brink, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) made clear that a long-running standoff that has threatened to tear the sport apart over next year's rules was far from over.

It said that championship leaders Brawn GP, BMW-Sauber, world champion Lewis Hamilton's McLaren team, Renault and Toyota were only provisional entries and could still be shut out if agreement was not reached by next Friday.

They were "invited to lift their conditions" after further discussions, with other would-be entrants waiting to step in should there be no agreement.

Spain's Campos Grand Prix, the American-based US F1 and Britain's Manor Grand Prix were the confirmed newcomers with due diligence still being carried out on others who missed out.

Those not selected included Kuwaiti-backed Prodrive, former competitors Lola and others seeking to revive the renowned Brabham and Lotus names.

Former champions Williams and tail-enders Force India, suspended from the teams' association FOTA for breaking ranks, are the only current teams to have entered unconditionally. Champions Ferrari and both Red Bull teams were also deemed to be full entries by FIA.

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